Patch of Land

Trustpilot rating:
3.7 / 5
Based on 18 reviews
Country of origin:
United States
Active Platform:
8 years

Types of Investments

Equity Investments
Debt Investments
Resale Market

What is Patch of Land ?

Patch of Land is a real estate crowdfunding platform that offers secured real estate debt investments on assets that are backed by first position liens. The company seeks to match investors and lenders through its Peer-to-Real-Estate (P2RE ®) lending marketplace that matches accredited and institutional investors seeking high-yield, short-term, asset-collateralized investments to borrowers seeking more timely and consistent sources of funding for rehabbing properties across the United States.

Patch of Land originates, underwrites and services loans for properties in the United States. Patch of Land currently serves accredited, institutional and international investors. Non-US citizens will need to contact Patch of Land for the possibility of investing on their platform. The company was founded in 2013.

Who can invest

Retail Investors
Accredited Investors
Institutional Investors

Is the Platform Regulated?

NOT regulated
Not regulated

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