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Types of Investments

Equity Investments
Debt Investments
Resale Market

What is Peerbrick ?

Peerbrick selects carefully the best investment opportunities based on their experience and them they create a valuable essence to increase its value. Peerbrick is a real estate developer which offers its projects partially under the crowdfunding modality. Most projects are based on buying a property, renovating it, and selling it in periods between 5 and 12 months. It shares the dividends when the project has been sold. It is in the process of offering too properties to be rented for vacation purposes, providing quarterly returns through it. In this last investment type, they offer the opportunity to disinvest from the first year onwards. It does not have an accredited investors option, allowing all invest equally. It is focused in residential properties. It is based in Spain and was founded in 2017.

Who can invest

Retail Investors
Accredited Investors
Institutional Investors

Is the Platform Regulated?

NOT regulated
Not regulated

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