On Thursday, June 6th, 2019, BrikkApp was featured in one of the world’s most renowned business, technology, and entrepreneurship magazines, Forbes. BrikkApp co-founder, Jana Vecerkova, was interviewed about her entrepreneurial journey. She also gives insights into how the BrikkApp’s CEO Jan Večerka utilised his real estate experience and how they co-founded BrikkApp together.

In the interview, Jana describes how BrikkApp works and how the platform changes the real estate crowdfunding industry. Although the platform is still in development, we have already launched the beta version online. “A new version was launched where users can compare the data of 200 property crowdfunding platforms from all around the world," Jana said about the current stage of the product. 

BrikkApp builds an international online property marketplace by creating an investments trading network between real estate crowdfunding platforms. The main goal is to simplify the investment process for users. “BrikkApp will make it easier for everyone to find and invest in real projects throughout entire Europe and in the next phase also outside of Europe,” explains Jana.

The business potential of the platform is immense since the product operates in a fast-growing industry. Real estate crowdfunding is predicted to grow 100x within just a decade. BrikkApp has been developed both as an aggregator of the real estate crowdfunding data as well as a marketplace. BrikkApp is scheduling trials and further releases in the future.

The same week BrikkApp got featured in the June edition of the Forbes Cesko magazine, Jana was also invited to share details on her entrepreneurial experience at the Forbes Women Summit on 6 June at the Dox. In the panel discussion, Jana told the audience about what motivates her, what she loves about her work and about working with the BrikkApp team. She also explained what skills are needed to develop a complex product such as BrikkApp. The photos from the event can be found here

The full article can be read in the Forbes Česko, June Edition.

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