Real estate crowdfunding is one of the fastest-growing forms of alternative investment today. Globally, more and more investors are accessing the real estate market through online crowdfunding platforms.


The DACH market is one of the most successful in Europe for real estate crowdfunding investing. A region connected closely both culturally and economically - it is a real estate crowdfunding powerhouse!


In this report, BrikkApp performed research and analysis on the DACH market. On October 6th, BrikkApp published the 2021 DACH Real Estate Crowdfunding Report!


In this article, we highlight some of our findings and some of the biggest platforms in the region.


DACH Real Estate Crowdfunding Report



DACH Real Estate Crowdfunding Market


The DACH real estate crowdfunding market is one of the largest in the world. At one time, it consisted of more than 40 investment platforms. Now, around 32 platforms are active and in operation. Several of the platforms have merged as the market has matured.


Some insights that can be found in the report:

  • The DACH real estate crowdfunding market size
  • The average yield investors receive in this region
  • Our analysis of more than 40 German, Austrian, and Swiss real estate crowdfunding platforms
  • The impact of the latest regulations on the industry



5 Largest Platforms


The 5 largest active real estate crowdfunding platforms in the DACH market, as of our report publish date and based on the total amount of money invested through the platform, are:


5. Engel & Völkers Digital Invest

Country: Germany

Funded projects: 53

Average interest rate: 5.9 %

Total amount funded: € 118,428,000

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4. Bergfürst AG

Country: Germany

Funded projects: 94

Average interest rate: 6.36 %

Total amount funded: € 143,935,950

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3. SwissLending

Country: Switzerland

Funded projects: 36

Average interest rate: 7.54 %

Total amount funded: € 183,384,850

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2. CrowdHouse

Country: Switzerland

Funded projects: 133

Average interest rate: 6.14 %

Total amount funded: € 605,128,726

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Country: Germany

Funded projects: 434

Average interest rate: 5.98 %

Total amount funded: € 828,700,000

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For further information about the platforms and more data about the DACH real estate crowdfunding market, you can access the report by clicking the button below.

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